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Southern Sportsman @ Daytona

Feb 25, 2014 -- 3:22pm

BassOnline has put up a bunch of pics from the Darrell Gwynn Fishing Tournament at the Daytona International Speedway. Check them all out (including a few featuring Capt. Terry!) here:

Office Depot Foundation Tournament

Feb 14, 2014 -- 10:24am

Thanks to Todd Kersey from Bass Online for these pics from the Office Depot Foundation Tournament!

Southern Sportsman Live In Orlando

Aug 03, 2013 -- 8:33am

Here are some pics from Capt. Terry's trip to Bass Pro Shops in Orlando.




Southern Sportsman at the Everglades!

May 22, 2013 -- 9:24am

Capt. Terry took the show on the road last weekend and caught some incredible fish in the Everglades! View some pictures from his adventure here!

We'll be on the road again on June 1st where we'll be broadcasting live from Lake Okeechobee!

Capt. Mike Baker Article

Sep 14, 2012 -- 10:46am

Our very own Captain Mike Baker was featured in Florida Sport Fishing Magazine. Click here to view it (PDF).

Update from the Turtle Patrol

Jun 06, 2012 -- 9:37am

Just wanted to forward this along- an email we received from the Flagler Beach Turtle Patrol-

Hello all,
Beautiful sunrise and very interesting morning!     As we were heading South by Hammock Dunes Condo's we ran across a loggerhead Mom still in the dune finishing her nest.  As we approached her we discovered she is missing her left front flipper and has only about a 4" stub.  It appears she has been this way for a long time. We protected her from a bunch of curious people and dogs while she slowly made her way back to the water.  It took her about 30 minutes to make her turn and make it out to sea.  She did an exceptional job using her right flipper, small stub and head. (pix attached).  Once she reached the water her challenge was washing back because she tended to make a left turn with her flipper situation.  Once in the water she took off and swam straight.  I hope we get to see her again this season.  You may not be able to open the videos in the second email because of the format  but I will make a CD of the event and bring it to the next meeting
After that we found Laura's first Leatherback by Varn Park.   Wow!  she did a good job disguising her nest!  Looks like a construction site.
Total for the day:  All FS, 3 new nest's, two false crawls and one gopher turtle at the waters edge that we put back in the dune after she pooped on Laura's leg!
John & Laura
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